Membership:  A minimum of 2 members, more when either (a) there was a lot going on - such as a major update or (b) three or more people expressed an interest in being on the committee.

Term:  One year, but may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms upon nomination and approval.

General Responsibilities:      The Handbook Committee is responsible for keeping the Meeting’s Handbook as up to date as possible and for assuring that is  available to members of the meeting as needed.   One current copy will be kept in the library of the meeting and a current copy will be given to the Clerk of the meeting when they assume that office.  The committee will handle all requests for changes to the Handbook.

Specific Responsibilities:  

  • Remind committees and those under appointment of the meeting to review the handbook section related to their responsibilities at least once during the year of meeting appointments ( i.e.  between June 1 of one year and  May 31 of the following year).  Collect written results of this review.  
  • Review the requested changes and take whatever steps they feel are appropriate to handle the request.   If the committee feels the request is appropriate, of if the person making the requests so requests, the Handbook committee will present the requested change to the Monthly Meeting for Business for approval, together with a statement from the Handbook committee stating whether or not  they recommend approval by the Monthly Meeting for Business.  All sections of the Handbook will be approved by the Monthly Meeting for Business.   In general  material placed in the appendices of the Handbook need not be approved by the Monthly Meeting for Business.  Individuals may request that the Monthly Meeting decide whether a particular item should, or should not, be included in the appendices.
  • Maintain a record each year of requested and approved changes to each section of the Handbook.   When revisions are approved, annotate the revised section with the date it was modified.   Update the Library and clerk’s copy and e-version of the Handbook, and the clerks copy of the handbook, and make an appropriate effort to assure that all other copies of the handbook are updated.