Membership:  An unlimited number of those interested in the maintenance of a Meeting library.

Term:  One year, but may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms upon nomination and approval.

Meetings:  Upon the call of the Committee Clerk.

General Responsibilities:  The care and orderly maintenance of the Meeting library.

Specific Responsibilities:  

  • Keeps a record of the books borrowed from the Meeting library.
  • Checks to make certain that borrowed books are returned.
  • Contacts those who have taken out books but have not returned them.
  • Checks off and restores returned books to their assigned place on the library shelves.
  • Is familiar with the library books.
  • Recommends and finds books for those who inquire.
  • Acquires books as funds permit.
  • Discards books if availability of space or duplication so requires.
  • Catalogs new additions to the library.

Clerk:  Named by the Committee members.