Membership:  As many as required to provide communication services to the membership.

Term:  One year, but may serve unlimited consecutive terms upon nomination and appointment.

General Responsibilities:

The Communications Committee insures that the membership, other Friends’ groups, and the public are informed of Meeting activities.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Sets communication policy including:  editorial policy for the newsletter; guidelines for the use of electronic communication, addressing the fact that not all members and attenders may use electronic communication and guidelines for calendar items
  • Edits and produces a monthly newsletter that contains: 
    a. a calendar of Meeting events and committee meetings
    b. minutes of Meeting business meetings 
    c. news and occasional biographical sketches of resident and non-resident SFM friends
    d. details of meeting and non-meeting upcoming events of interest to SFM friends 
    e.  "Letters to the Editor” from SFM members and attenders, when appropriate
  • Maintains the Meeting list of addresses of resident and non-resident members, attenders, and others interested in the Meeting’s activities.
  • Maintains the Meeting e-mail list.