no longer active; all committees are charged with responsibility for advancement

General Responsibilities:  

The Advancement Coordinator/Committee assures that the meeting does those things that will best assure that individuals who might become active attenders and/or members are made aware of this opportunity.  They ensure that people who come to Scarsdale Friends Meeting or inquire about it are welcomed and attended to.  The Advancement Committee is responsible for outreach to the wider community, and creatively seeks opportunities to inform the world of our existence, ways, and good works. 

Specific Responsibilities:

The Advancement Coordinator/Committee:

  1. Listens to and replies to (or forwards) messages left on the Meeting answering machine.
  2. Reviews the Meeting guest sign-in book and writes letters of thanks to people who join us in worship.
  3. In conjunction with the Greeter, greets visitors.
  4. Updates information on Meeting answering machine, in Friends Journal meeting listing section, FWCC Section of the Americas Friends Directory, and in area newspapers, as needed.  Reviews information at least yearly, perhaps in May or June, to keep the fall listings current.  
  5. Maintains "New Attender Packet;" and gives copies of packet to new attenders.
  6. Maintains the literature rack, purchasing replacement materials when necessary.

Clerk:   Named by committee members, unless it is a committee of one at the time.