Membership:  Open to all able and willing individuals.

Term:  One year, but may serve unlimited consecutive terms.

Meetings:  Upon call of the committee clerk or any other member.

General Responsibilities:  

The Social Committee provides, prepares, or oversees refreshment and fellowship after meeting for worship and at gatherings and Meeting-sponsored occasions.

Specific Responsibilities:

The Social Committee:

  1. provides a roster of individuals responsible for serving refreshments (replaces “coffee and juice) following meeting for worship.
  2. cares for and maintains the kitchen and the inventory of supplies.
  3. advises other committees in their preparations for social occasions.
  4. prepares the Christmas pot-luck, the Quarterly Meeting dessert and beverage, and whatever additional function the Meeting elects in its sponsorship of occasions called by Oversight and Counsel or by Ministry and Worship.

Clerk:  Named by the Committee members.