Membership:  Unlimited

Term:  One year, but may serve unlimited consecutive terms.

Meetings:  on call of the Committee clerk

General Responsibilities:  To insure that the meetinghouse and grounds are properly maintained and cared for at all times.

Specific Responsibilities:  

  1. oversees every aspect of maintenance of the meetinghouse and grounds.
  2. makes certain that public safety ordinances are observed.
  3. assists the Finance Committee in maintaining adequate fire, theft, and liability insurance coverage.
  4. provides for meetinghouse custodial (housekeeping) care.
  5. provides for lawn care, tree care, and snow removal.
  6. recommends to the Meeting necessary improvements, addition to equipment, repairs and replacement, and provides estimates of the cost of such.
  7. maintains access to accurate records of all maintenance and utilities costs.
  8. keeps building plans and surveys and ensures continuity of care for them. 

Clerk:  named by the Committee members.