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Meeting Historian
Term:  One year, renewable.

Duties:  Maintains and updates records of our Meeting’s history, including newspaper clippings and other relevant material as the interest arises.

Spiritual Advisor Oversight Committee (a prison ministry function)
Last approved by this committee:  Date...
Last approved by business meeting    :  Date ...  
This group should meet regularly with advisors to receive reports and for consultation, mindful of the importance of confidentiality. The oversight committee should ensure that the prison spiritual advisor is familiar with prison / jail regulations for volunteers, especially those regarding religious advisors (pastors, ministers, spiritual advisors) and the relevant administrative procedures for arranging a pastoral visit. If in doubt about a rule or procedure, the prison spiritual advisor will check with the chaplain.

Please see Appendix  ____, below, for NYYM’s Prisons Committee’s explanation of the work of Prison Spiritual Advisors, the context of the work of the Spiritual Advisor Oversight Committee.  Please also note that although our Meeting appoints spiritual advisors, prison ministry is a function of Purchase Quarter.

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