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133 Popham Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583-4327
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Scarsdale Friends Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


Quaker Quotations

[Early Friends] made the discovery that silence is one of the best preparations for communion
[with God] and for the reception of inspiration and guidance.  Silence itself, of course, has no 
magic.  It may be just sheer emptiness, absence of words or noise or music.... But it may be an
intensified pause, a vitalized hush, a creative quiet, an actual moment of mutual and reciprocal
correspondence with God.    -Rufus Jones, 1937

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Who are the Quakers? PDF Print E-mail

“Quaker” is the shorthand term for the Religious Society of Friends, which was founded by George Fox as a radical Christian movement in 17th century England.  Today, Quakers all over the world come from all walks of life and continue to create among themselves a radical spiritual community, committed to social justice.

Quakers emphasize the testimonies of peace, simplicity, equality, truth, and community.  We recognize no boundaries between people, for we assume that there is That of God in every living person.  We are centrally concerned with the avoidance of war, and we actively seek ways of life that will remove the causes of conflict.  

Friends have no liturgy or clergy, although there is a basic organizational structure within which most Quaker meetings function.  Scarsdale Meeting is part of the Purchase Quarterly Meeting, which meets for worship with a concern for business every three months, and of New York Yearly Meeting, which meets for business once each year.