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There is a principle which is pure, placed in the human mind, which in different places and ages hath had different names; it is, however, pure and proceeds from God. It is deep and inward, confined to no forms of religion nor excluded from any, where the heart stands in perfect sincerity. In whomsoever this takes root and grows, they become brethren.  - John Woolman

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Hi from Olivia and Dan in London PDF Print E-mail

Hi from Olivia and Dan
Surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes (!), Olivia and Dan Hewitt send greetings to Scarsdale Friends from their new home in the Wimbledon section of London.  

Their first visitor was Sue Weisfeld who was feted with an excellent vegetarian dinner and a tour of the new digs -- which are beautiful, modern and very homey.  (The boxes add a special touch
 to the decor.)

Dan has started working for Barclay’s Bank and Trevor is enrolled in an international school not far from the new house.  Julia and Tracy are in schools in the US.

Olivia very much misses Friends Nursery School, and the family sends their love to all!  Olivia's new email is: oliviahewitt [at]

Quaker Retreat on "Discernment" PDF Print E-mail

discernmentOn Saturday, November 7th  Friends attended Spirit-Led Discernment, a day-long retreat with FGC Travelling Ministry Friends Deborah Fisch and Beckey Phipps at the Purchase Friends Meetinghouse.  It was appropriate for both newcomers & seasoned Friends.  

Here are some of the highlights of what we shared:

Listening is at the heart of Quaker spirituality.

Learning to listen for the voice of God is a life-long endeavor, because God communicates and guides with words that are not words, with sounds that are not ordinary sounds—in an interior, submerged landscape.

Learning to distinguish between Divine Guidance and our utterly human desires and motivations is foundational to discernment in Friends’ faith and practice.  

In community we help each other to develop, use, and share this gift of discernment. As we seek to discern how we are led as meetings, how we are to go forward in faith together, our tradition and experience has shown us that we can hear God when we give over our willing and striving.  

This retreat was under the care of Purchase Quarter Ministry & Counsel.  

Welcome Jeremy! PDF Print E-mail
On May 11, Michael Morgan welcomed his second son, Jeremy Xander, who debuted at 8 lbs, 5 oz . Three weeks later Jeremy attended Meeting for Worship with dad and big brother Matthew.
Remembering a Gracious Friend: Cile Vickrey PDF Print E-mail

      We gathered in the silence and began our rembrance.  On the middle bench cile_vickreywhere she sat for so many Sundays, Cile seemed to be there among us once more.  Many of us sensed that a special light was shining through the afternoon sun. 

       Her presence was in the room with us, as was her gentle spirit.  Quiet, strong and full of love.

        One Friend who came to remember brought her harp.  When she began to play, the music seemed just right for the moment.  It was hard for many to believe that Cile would never return – she had been a focal point of our Meeting for so long.  It was not a surprise, of course, just a sad fact that we now had to acknowledge.