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Friendly Environmental Activist to be Facilitator of Unique May Day Quarterly Program PDF Print E-mail

  On May 1st Purchase Quarterly Meeting at Scarsdale Meetinghouse will have an interactive program, facilitated by Angela Manno, member of 15th St. Meeting, who has devoted much of her time and spiritual energy to Earthcare Witness and activism to make our environment safer.   Recently Angela wrote an essay, “A Question of Identity: Why I Care.” Excerpts are below and the essay will open the Quarterly Meeting program.
  At the QM program, Friends will be asked to briefly brainstorm ideas of how we can heal the Earth and how we can bring our spiritual strengths to work with others.  We will then go to “breakout” sessions, choosing which to join, to discuss realistic ways we can act to make a change, or to talk to others about our concerns.  Some Friends who are already involved in aspects of Earthcare may wish to lead breakout-group discussions about the work they are doing.
       If time permits, the breakout groups will share with the whole group their plans for action; if there is not enough time, this information can be shared in meeting newsletters with everyone in the Quarter.
  Please contact us if you would like to lead a breakout group, and also if you wish to bring resources for its discussion:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call: 914/779-8354.

Here is some of what Angela has written.  We are so grateful that she is coming to Westchester to share her leading and her experiences: 

“. . . . If you consider yourself separate from the Earth, from Gaia, the being in whom we live and move and have our being, then confusion sets in when you see the Earth in peril.  But, if you feel yourself to be a part of the organism, the larger being called Earth, it is a matter of self care to want to preserve the beauty and well- being of the planet.  Or, in a more dualistic framework, it is a matter of love of the Other.
“. . . .When I remember that I am part of the Earth, part of its neocortex or ‘noosphere’ to use Teilhard's term, then to act on behalf of the Earth is to act out of self interest, self preservation, self-love.
“When the rivers are poisoned, I feel poisoned. When a hole was opened in the Earth and its contents gushed forth uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico, I bled. There is no separation. That is the essence of compassion, which means to suffering with.

“. . . .Right now, I feel we are at the tipping point. The doctor has said, “stop smoking.”  In this case, the doctor has said, “no more fossil fuels and no more nuclear”--the horror in Japan, like Chernobyl before, makes the latter abundantly clear. Anything we do further to dig and drill and burn and disrupt the skin of Mother Earth is an offense against Creation, another step along the Technozoic path1, which is a death path.

But the holistic practitioner has even more to say: Not only does the wise physician tell us to stop digging and burning, we are being urged to “look up, look to the sun, to the wind, to the waves for your energy. And look to the Great Being of which you are a part for your wisdom and joy. It is time to extend a loving embrace to the Earth as oneself, as the BelovedDo this for the total vibrancy and joy of the whole community of beings.”


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